Cleaning fan shares genius way she gets her ironing done faster – and you’ve probably got what you need in the kitchen | The Sun

THERE’S nothing worse than finally getting through the mountains of washing, only to realise you’ve now got to iron half of it. 

Luckily one savvy mum has shared her hack for speeding through it – and you’ve probably already got the one household item you need. 

Trina, known online as @lifeasmrsbuilder, regularly shares home hacks and interior inspiration with her 92,000 followers. 

In a recent Instagram reel, the content creator shares how tinfoil helps to speed up her ironing. 

This is because the added heat cuts out the need to iron both sides. 

“Want to iron TWICE as fast?? Try this ironing board hack!!


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“Place TINFOIL under the ironing board cover. 

“The tinfoil reflects the heat and acts like a second iron allowing you to iron TWICE AS FAST!!” 

During the Instagram reel, Trina is seen placing a sheet of kitchen foil underneath her ironing board cover, with the shiny side facing up. 

She then places the clothing item on top and continues ironing as normal. 

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Fans loved the quick and easy hack, with the video gaining more than 37,013 likes and 2.5 million views. 

In the comments, Trina’s fans praised her savvy idea, with one writing: “Wow, will definitely try this! Anything to speed up ironing super king bedding!”

Another said: “Wow! Gonna try this today! As someone who still irons… Thank you for the suggestion!”

Someone else suggested that it might solve another common problem too, adding: “Omg needed this our board gives us marks on clothes too.” 

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