Dad-to-be shares fives dos and don’ts for when your other half is expecting and pregnant women declare him a keeper | The Sun

A DAD-TO-BE has taken to TikTok to share the five dos and don’ts for when your other half is expecting – and people are saying he’s got it spot on. 

Rico James, known online as @ricodickard, regularly shares life updates and parenting tips with his 15,000 followers. 

In a new video, he shares his top tips for those whose other half is expecting – and that includes never eating your pregnant partner’s snacks. 

He said: “These are the five dos and don’ts of being a baby daddy during pregnancy. 

“Number one, do. If she wants chilli cheese fries, you drop everything and you go get her chilli cheese fries. 

“Don’t remind her to breathe as you watch her send forkful after forkful into her mouth.”


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His second piece of advice was to listen to all of your partner’s complaints – and avoid making jokes in response. 

He continued: “Two, do listen to all 634 complaints she has about being pregnant. 

“Don’t pretend to look at your watch you’re not wearing one as a joke. 

“Three, she snores now, so do not make a big deal about it. 

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“Don’t send a snapchat of how loud it is to her sister and her cousins. 

“Four, as a preemptive strike, move into an apartment that’s close to a place that has really good snacks.

“Don’t pretend to look shocked when the cashier gives you the total out loud. 

“Five, do rub her back, even when she doesn’t ask. 

“Don’t rate her farts on a scale of one to ten as your massage inevitably works one up.”

In the comments, he encouraged people to take in what he had to say, adding: “All from experience.”

Fans loved the dad-to-be’s tips, with the video gaining more than 34,000 likes and 470,000 views. 

In the comments, other mums and dads shared their own ideas, with one adding: “Don’t go to sleep before her!!”

Another said: “As someone who is 35 weeks pregnant, i can say these do’s and dont’s are 100% correct.”

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A third wrote: “Don't eat her snacks either. We will cry.”

Someone else put: “LOL man my husband deserves an award. I woke up crying last night because he promised me a slushy 4 days ago. He got me one at 3 am.”

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