Foodie reveals how we've been using can openers incorrectly – his way saves the mess and hassle | The Sun

YOU may think you’ve been using a can opener correctly all these years, but there’s a different way which may shock you.

A TikTok user has demonstrated how you should be using the kitchen device for the best results, and no mess. 

If you hold the can opener down the side instead of horizontally along the top, this tip is for you.

Jordan, who goes by the name of jordan_the_stallion8 on Instagram, has revealed just how we should be opening tins. 

In the video, which has been liked over 1 million times, he says: “The can opener was invented in 1858.

“However, later on they thought okay there has to be a simpler and safer way so they made the rotary can opener in around 1878.


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“Here’s the thing, the rotary can opener was made so that you don’t have to worry about opening the lid, this is supposed to do it for you.”

Jordan then flips the camera around to show his viewers exactly how we should be using a tin opener. 

He says: “A lot of people try to use rotary can openers sideways.

“But what you’re supposed to do is put it on top of the can and then you start turning it, so that the actual can opener can open the lid for you.”

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He explains why it needs to be done from the top instead of the sideCredit: Instagram

Jordan demonstrates how to do it, and says: “You should not have to use your hands to open the lid, so try it out. Be safe.” 

Since sharing the video, it has gone viral with many shocked by the revelation.

One wrote: “Everything I know is a lie and the education system owes us all a refund.” 

Another added: “It works. Yep. but at least when it's used sideways there isn't a sharp edge around the entire top of the can….”

A third said: “This man is going to save an entire generation.”

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