Foodie shares her ‘top festive foods’ – including the Asda chicken snack and McDonald's treat everyone needs to try | The Sun

WITH so many festive food options available on the supermarket shelves, it's hard to know what's really worth your money.

But one woman who "eats everything" has made our lives a lot easier…by sharing her favourite food picks from a range of different supermarket, fast food and coffee chains.

In the clip posted to TikTok (@beccaeatseverything), the foodie named Becca says: "My top rated festive foods."

And if you're an Asda shopper, then you may just want to listen up!

For those who enjoy a savoury treat, the she begins by recommending the store's 'oriental money bags' and 'tandoori chicken thighs.'

But, if a sweet treat is more your kind of thing, then she says it's worth trying Asda's 'extra special deep filled mince pies' and 'extra special milk chocolate and salted caramel cookies.'



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Alternatively, if M&S is your local go-to for your weekly shop, then Becca has got you covered.

Amongst the festive treats she advises everyone needs to try includes the 'turkey, bacon and cranberry sausage roll' and the 'M&S 'turkey feast sandwich.'

And not forgetting Aldi, the food fan says you won't regret tucking into their 'specially selected turkey and stuffing crisps' or 'blondie Swiss bar.'

Some of Becca's other festive favourites include McDonald's cheese dipper bites, white chocolate toffifee and Thornton's gingerbread caramel shortcake bites.

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If you're popping into Costa for a warming hot drink any time soon, she also praises the coffee chain's 'ham and Wensleydale panini and the 'sticky toffee slice.'

Finally, she concludes by suggesting everyone needs to try 'Beth's bakes 12 flavours of Christmas box' and gets themselves a 'Tony's chocolonely advent calendar.'

Becca captioned the post: "My top festive food recommendations."

It wasn't long before the post went viral, racking up over 33k views and several comments from food fans up and down the country.

"McDonald’s dippers with the rich tomato sauce ," enthused one.

A second praised: "can't believe I still haven't had the McDonald's cheese dipper bites this year yet they are my faveee."

A third tagged a friend and wrote: "Oooft!"

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