I married a Dubai millionaire – what I expect now I’m pregnant including a £100k mummy makeover after I’ve given birth | The Sun

DUBAI millionaire housewives can ask for anything and one woman has a long list of demands now she’s pregnant. 

Linda Andrade, also known as @lionlindaa on TikTok is a self-proclaimed Dubai housewife, and she shares what her life is like with her 866k followers. 

In a recent video titled ‘Things I expect from my husband now I’m pregnant’, she asked her followers ‘Is my list missing anything?’ Before revealing her demands. 

She kicked things off with “$100k mummy makeover with the best doctor”. 

And added how she was “getting everything done idc [I don’t care]”. 

She then wanted a “$50k gender reveal on the Burj Khalifa”, and showed a photograph of her cradling her bump with her husband standing beside her. 



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As for when she does find out what gender her baby is, Linda expects a present in return. 

“Fresh new Chanel [bag] if it’s a girl”, and showed off a silver handbag that she presumably already owns. 

Then came her demand if the baby was a boy: “Lamborghini Urus mommy mobile if it’s a boy.” 

According to Car and Driver, the price for a Lamborghini Urus starts at £186k or $233k. 

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And before the baby arrives, Linda would like “a new mansion [with] at least 10 bedrooms to fit the baby”. 

She rounded off her lavish list with “that’s it”. 

As for what her followers thought of her list, someone with the username @vanessarose512 said: “If you have more than one kid, a mommy makeover after your first makes no sense.” 

@Laynsies wrote: “You lost me at the first thing: 100k mommy makeover like I'm sorry what.” 

But @emipanico agreed with Linda: “See this is the right idea, I’m only agreeing to have kids if they can pay for the mommy makeover afterwards.” 

Someone with the username @L'Gean Guerrero remarked: “This just shows she cares about herself more than the baby!!”

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