From being a real life Spiderman to giving themselves toothpaste facials – kids do the weirdest things

However angelic they are, kids are unpredictable and get themselves in a variety of sticky situations –literally.

All parents will sympathise with turning their back for two minutes, only to find their tot smothered in an unknown substance.

From tantrums to teething, no two days are the same with children and they never fail to surprise you.

This bunch of parents have managed to get a photo of one of these moments, which range from the hilarious to dangerous.

So whether you’ve got rascals of your own or not, be thankful you don’t have to clean up these messes.

Dog days


Going potty

Pearly whites

Space age


Heaven sent

Pen friend

Dog's dinner

Let them eat cake

Sticky situation

Face off

Captain underpants

Tasty treat

Man's best friend


Chop chop

Plus from stripy sunburn to terrible passport photos, these people are having a worse day than you.

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