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WE all have favourite sweet treats from the noughties that we’d love to try one last time. 

And despite how much we loved them at the time, that didn’t stop confectioners from sending them to the discontinued bin. 

Some discontinued noughties snacks have been fortunate enough to return following angry social media campaigns and petitions, including Prawn Cocktail Wotsits and Oreo Cakesters. 

But not all have been as lucky, leaving us only with our memories.

Here, Fabulous takes a look at old school sweet treats that definitely deserve a revival. 

Cadbury Snaps 

Like a chocolate version of Pringles, Cadbury Snaps came in orange, caramel crunch and milk chocolate flavours. 

They were first released in 2004 and marketed as perfect for sharing. That is until they were slowly taken off shelves from 2010.

Budget supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl have tried to replicate them, but chocoholics agree that they’re just not the same.


Toffo was a brand of toffee sweets that found a sweet spot in millions of British hearts.

The chewy treats, which came in classic, mint and assorted, gained popularity in the 70s and 80s, holding a strong place on supermarket shelves up until 2008.

The discontinuation was a bitter pill for many, especially considering no real reason for their disappearance was ever given. 

Cadbury Dream Bar

The white chocolate version of Dairy Milk was launched in the UK in 2002 and featured as part of the company’s Coronation Street sponsorship.

It quickly became a favourite amongst sweet-toothed Brits who loved the Birmingham-based confectioner’s first solid white chocolate bar. 

While it’s still available in Australia, it was discontinued in the UK in 2019. One shopper even found a bar in a convenience store in Malaysia in 2018.

Mars Planets

Unlike most multi-choice bags of chocolates, Mars Planets were famed for not having a bad option – from chewy, soft to crispy. 

They were a spin off of the iconic Mars bar which still reigns a strong favourite amongst those with a sweet tooth. 

The chocolate circles illusively disappeared off shelves, leaving fans devastated. At least Revels have similar options inside… once you get passed the coffee ones.

Panda Pop 

Bottles of Panda Pop in the noughties would have you bouncing off the walls, seeing as their heyday was long before the government introduced its sugar tax on fizzy drinks in 2018.

They were a staple at birthday parties throughout the decade but removed from sale in 2011.

It’s unlikely they’ll ever return either, seeing that modern advertising laws mean that fizzy, sugary drinks can no longer be marketed for children. 

Mars Delight

They only had a four year stint on shelves, but Mars Delight bars are still in millions of people’s hearts. 

It was a lighter and fluffier version of the standard Mars bar, but extremely calorific. 

The chocolate was introduced in 2004 and discontinued in 2008, but fans are trying to rally up signatures to bring it back. 

Cadbury Snow Flake

A white chocolate-stuffed version of the humble Flake, Cadbury dropped its snowy spinoff in 2000.

But it only lasted eight years on shelves.

The discontinuation has baffled Brits for the last 15 years, with one petition to bring it back having a whopping 6k signatures.

Galaxy Truffle

Once a Christmas staple in Celebrations, Galaxy Truffles were always the first to go when a new box was opened. 

But in 2011, fans realised the little treat had been removed. 

No reason was ever given, but chocoholics are at least happy that the Maltesers Truffle is still a Celebrations staple. 

Quality Street Toffee Deluxe

Similar to the Galaxy Truffle, the Toffee Deluxe was a selection box staple at Christmas time for a whopping 80 years.

It was a sweet in its own right firsthand though, as chocolate bosses created it back in 1919. But in 2016, Nestle bosses decided to swap it out for the Honeycomb Crunch. 

Sadly, no reason was ever given. The little treats near century-long reign is not in vain though, as fans still talk about it to this day. 

White Maltesers 

They were a cinema staple, but that didn’t stop Maltesers from discontinuing their little white chocolate pebbles. 

The brand called it a “difficult decision” when they axed them in 2014 and reportedly regrets it to this day. 

Fans of the sweet treat leave comments on Maltesers’ Facebook page every month in search of hope that they may return. 

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