Ginger dog is perfectly camouflaged against the autumn trees – can you spot it? | The Sun

A CRAFTY dog owner has challenged viewers to spot her fox red Labrador, Hugo, in a photo where he is camouflaged against the autumn leaves.

Vanessa Quested, 46, set the challenge on Facebook with only the most eagle-eyed users managing not to be stumped by the puzzle.

The 10-month-old pooch's lovely red coat makes him almost impossible to spot hidden among the undergrowth during a seasonal walk with his owner.

In her social media post, Vanessa wrote: "Spot the Labrador. Our gorgeous Hugo is absolutely loving this season.

"All the muddy puddles, leaves to run and roll around in. This is our first Lab and he is 10-months-old, and it’s an absolute joy seeing the world through his bonkers bouncy eyes.

"Trying to find him amongst the rusty leaves is getting harder though."


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Commenters have been left baffled by the problem, with one writing: "I literally can’t find him."

Another joked: "I know I should’ve gone to Specsavers but I can’t see him anywhere."

Meanwhile, a third said: "They seek him here, they seek him there, I can't spot him anywhere. Where is he?"

Sharper-eyed viewers might have noticed that the playful pet's ears are just about visible in the dead centre of the picture.

His blue lead is also just about visible around his neck.

They can be seen poking out above the red-brown thicket.

Speaking about the challenge, Vanessa said: "I figured it would be a great bit of fun trying to spot him. He is such a beautiful colour and really blends in with the autumn colours."

It comes as a Hungarian artist known as Dudolf has been setting similar brain-teasers regularly on his website.

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