Hairdresser reveals client’s horrifically matted locks – but after 7 hours of snipping she looks like a new woman | The Sun

Bad hair days are bound happen from time to time but one hairdresser has revealed how she spent an entire day transforming a woman’s hair.

Taking the tangled locks from matted mess to chic bob, the stylist worked for over seven hours and shared the stunning results on social media.

For those who aren't on TikTok, the before and after photos are pretty heart-breaking.

Originally uploaded by hairdresser Harriet, better known as @xxxxharriettxxxx on the app, the photos show an older woman with incredibly matted hair.

Though no explanation is given for the state of her locks, the woman’s hair is so damaged that it forms a huge clump at the back of her head.

Sat in the chair awaiting her turn, the woman looks downtrodden as if weighted down by her extremely tangled locks and disheveled appearance.  

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With a few loose grey strands dangling at the side of her head, the haircut proved to be one of the most challenging jobs the Islington hairdresser had ever undertaken.

Whilst most stylists would have turned the woman away, Harriet lovingly spent over seven and half hours detangling her hair.

Even more amazingly, the stylist shared a kind caption about the transformation – which read: “Never judge life can be so hard!”

Though we might not know the heart-breaking backstory, the hairdresser’s hours of hard work spoke for themselves.

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She even shared how she'd transformed the silver locks, with the short video showing off the woman's new do.

Even those watching at home would struggle not to smile, as the unnamed woman beamed about her new bob in the after pictures.

Gushing about her client, the hairstylist wrote: "Major hair transformation!!! 7.5 hours later! And wow doesn't my client look amazing! Hardest job I have ever done, but damn was it worth it."

Unsurprisingly, the video has rapidly gone viral on Tiktok gaining over 800 likes since it was first uploaded and viewers have been commenting on the stunning transformation.

One even wrote: "She looks so beautiful!! Amazing job xx."

However, this isn’t the only viral hair transformation that we’ve been in awe of.

Like many older women, Brenda Vickers had struggled with her confidence as her hair line dramatically began to recede – with the pensioner ‘too embarrassed’ to even look in the mirror.

Rather than waiting to loose her locks, the 78-year-old decided to change up her look with a £350 ‘hair system’ and the results have 'changed' her life.

In a now viral video, she shared her beautiful dark hair and says that she’s no longer self-conscious when she goes out.

"It's changed everything. I'll go out more now because I can feel confident and that's an unbelievable feeling. Everybody who I've spoken to has been so complimentary and kind,” she explained.

"People have been saying I look 20 years younger, but I've still got the brain of a 78-year-old. My body is old but my hair is young. I've not seen myself look like this for so long.”

Though their hair shouldn’t define them, we are glad these ladies have had a major confidence boost from their new barnets!

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