Hidden feature on mustard bottles promises to make your life easier | The Sun

YOU may have been missing out on a little-known but very useful feature on your mustard bottle.

YouTuber Chris Notap says the tiny detail on bottles of French's mustard can make using the condiment much easier.

"I just learned a secret about the French's mustard lid that absolutely no one knows about," Notap said.

He describes a problem he seems to have encountered with mustard in the past.

"You make your favorite sandwich. You get your chicken out, you get your cucumber, and then you get the mustard and it pours all over the lid, or it drags through and rips everything off," he says.

Notap demonstrates, squeezing mustard onto a sandwich and getting it all over the lid.

"But if you have a close look behind the lid, you'll notice this little nub," he continues.

Sure enough, there's a small piece of the bottle that sticks out behind the cap – and if you press the cap into it, it clicks into place, holding the cap open.

When Notap uses the mustard again, the cap is held out of the way.

"And now no mess, no fuss, and life is good again," he says.

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Though some commenters insist they've never had the problem Notap describes, others have been grateful for the tip.

"Wow, I didn't know. It is a game changer, in our house we all love mustard," wrote one.

"Saw this video, went to my fridge and checked my drenched yellow mustard container and… I’ll be damned! It’s there just like you said," wrote another.

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