I asked my hairdresser for the trendy butterfly cut – it was a fail, it looks like they took a chainsaw to my locks | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed it looks like someone took a chainsaw to her hair after asking her hairdresser to give her the viral butterfly cut. 

TikTokker @thatsme.thecatlady shared that before the appointment she had long, blonde locks – but now has an ‘unevenly sectioned bob’. 

In a new reel, she said: “When you say to the hairdresser ‘I want a butterfly haircut please’ (my hair was medium long.. and yeah…”

During the 15–second video, the content creator shared some the inspiration pictures she showed her hairdresser before the appointment. 

Each had long, feathered layers that fall just below the shoulder. 

She then shares the cut she ended with – and from the back, her hair, now just below shoulder length, appears to be various different lengths in the back. 


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Some sections appear to be shorter than others, with the shortest falling at her chin.  

In the comments, she added: “It still [looks] like someone cut my hair with a chainsaw while the hairdresser was blindfolded.

“The haircut is uneven, I had long hair and asked for a butterfly haircut, not a unevenly section bob haircut.”

Her transformation attracted plenty of attention online, gaining more than 320 likes and 17,300 views. 

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In the comments, other TikTok users shared their reactions, with one writing: “Ok yeah obviously u have to style it but ITS SOOO OBVIOUSLY uneven and badly done.”

“Reason why I just my own hair at home,” another said. 

A third wrote: “Ok now I am scared to go get it done tm.”

She’s not the only one sharing her failed haircut online – Bella took to TikTok to share what happened when she asked for the iconic ‘Rachel from Friends hair’. 

During the 15-second reel, Bella shared a picture of Jennifer Aniston during season six of the hit TV series, Friends.

The actress is seen with long, light brown locks that reach below her chest, with natural blonde highlights running through. 

Over the top, Bella wrote: “This is what I wanted, just a simple, natural dirty blonde.”

She then shares what she got instead – bright blonde highlights on the top layers, and her previous chocolate brown colour untouched on the bottom.  

She added: “This is what I got…????” 

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Below the video, she added: “I paid $330 btw. She even tried to get me to schedule a $200 glaze. Like, excuse me??”

In the comments, other TikTok users shared their reactions, with one writing: “I was so shocked I dropped my phone on my face.”

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