I bought an abandoned lakeside property – there were creepy kids' old toys, but we had the best find in the outhouse | The Sun

ONE homeowning couple got more than they bargained for when they bought an old abandoned lakeside property.

The scenic home had its own share of seemingly unending surprises.

In a voice fit for narrating a thriller movie, Meredyth Willits (@meredyth_with_a_why) began to tell her tale of the intriguing finds she found inside.

"On November 4th, my husband and I bought an abandoned place. And on that day, we signed the papers and discovered what was in each and every building," she explained.

She gave a tour around the space which featured a blue and white checkerboard floor and a wooden desk.

Atop the worn-out desk sat an old boot, and suitcase, while a more cheerful find – a handmade picture featuring a turtle that read don't worry be happy – was found inside one of the side drawers.

Meredyth shared the reaction of others upon hearing that she had not scoped out every part of the space prior to her purchase.

"Many people were surprised to discover that I had not been in every single building including the boathouse."

She picked up an old, red toy truck that lay on top of a wooden chest and explained: "When I got my eyes stuck on this property three years ago, the buildings were mysterious."

Meredyth continued: "But what I really fell in love with was the property itself."

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She used a key to open the dresser and shared what drew her most to the home – creepy toys and all.

It seemed Meredyth had fallen in love with all two thousand square feet of small lakefront footage – 20 acres total – and one of which happened to be an island.

"You see, there were two deals written before ours and five deals written as backups. So needless to say, I couldn't be picky."

More old toys including a baby doll could be spotted, as well as an equally creepy discolored drawer missing a handle.

"I told myself as long as the house wasn't filled with mold, it was going to be mine. And miraculously, it wasn't."

Her beloved boathouse which she described as "the most magical place in Michigan," featured a weathered, grey-tiled roof and green trim around the sides, which she showed in the second video.

The biggest surprise was yet to come.

"We were so excited to investigate every building. This boathouse I've driven by a hundred times, always wondering what's behind this door."

With her sweatshirt-wearing husband about to go inside, we were about to find out what indeed lurked inside the mysterious space which has been surrounded by folklore.

"It covers everything from an illegal doctor's office to an Al Capone's hideout," she exclaimed.

She recalled their shock upon first making the discovery – a boat that was still inside the boathouse.

"We had no idea what would be inside if anything," she said as she showed off a long white boat with grey trim.

Meredyth received a range of comments from her home tour fans, from impressed to a bit spooked by the creepy component.

"The furniture is stunning and in quite a good condition as it just needs a bit of dusting, oiling, and love," remarked one of the intrigued followers.

Others were even more roused by the old toys: "The furniture is awesome but I am interested in the Texaco tanker you had in your hand, lol, I am a tanker driver and collect them."

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"Definitely would love to have that place," said another enthusiastic old home lover.

Another watcher didn't keep his this-is-creepy thoughts to himself: "I’m scared for you to go in there."

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