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WELCOME to the town that boasts a five-mile long sandy beach, a trendy seafront art deco hotel and celebs who simply refuse to live anywhere else.

As unbelievable as it sounds, no it is NOT Los Angeles, Miami or somewhere posh on the Med – it’s Morecambe.

The northern seaside town Morecambe was once so unfashionable it inspired ‘Crap Towns’ – a tongue-in-cheek guide by Sam Jordison showcasing all that’s wrong with down-at-heel British towns.

The author left no stone unturned citing crumbling buildings, boarded up shops and an unavoidable whiff of neglect as the reasons for Morecambe featuring in the book.

Council goons haven’t helped the unfortunate reputation of the Lancashire seaside resort either.

In 1993, Morecambe become the site of one of Noel Edmonds' ill-fated Crinkly Bottom projects.

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Seaside fat cats hoped to cash in on the popularity of Mr Blobby. But the park that was built was closed almost as soon as it opened.

History boffins reckon Morecambe's unfortunate reputation and decline was firmly cemented when cheap flights and package holidays became the choice for sunseeker Brits.

Given the option of a holiday in Morecambe or Magaluf – a rainy northern seaside town couldn’t compete with Spanish islands and the Costas.

Yet nowadays the likes of Tyson and Paris Fury gush over the town.

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Last year The Gypsy King published accounts showing he had £43m in the bank – yet the couple have called Morecambe home for the last 15 years.

They might own a home in flash Las Vegas, but they aren’t interested in upping sticks and settling in overpriced London or flash cities such as Liverpool or Manchester.

The Posh ’n’ Becks of the boxing world share their gorgeous Morecambe des res with their six kids – three sons all called Prince and daughters dazzlingly named Venezuela, Valencia and Athena.

The family keep things real for the kids sending them to local schools and nurseries.

They prefer to raise their brood in their £1.6million lavish mansion in Morecambe which boasts a lavish kitchen with a never ending glass topped table as the centre piece and a full on chandelier.

Each room features more swagger than Tyson during a fight. The marital family bedroom has decadent velour curtains framing panoramic views and a chesterfield style bed.

Of their ‘Gypsy King’ logo in the back garden Paris, says it makes it a “statement backyard;”

Today both Tyson, 35 and Paris, 33, are much loved influencers. And fans got to see Morecambe showcased earlier this week when their celebrity series At Home with the Furys dropped on Netflix.

Viewers were wowed over with seductive shots of the Lancashire coastline.

Little wonder just 24 hours later the reality series reached the number one spot in the UK on the global streaming channel.

Cameras follows Tyson, Paris and their six children in a warts-and-all depiction of their daily lives in Morecambe.

At Home with the Furys has mainly been filmed at the family's home in Morecambe and, according to 'The Gypsy King', will put "hundreds of millions" of eyeballs on the seaside town.

The nine-part series follows the world heavyweight boxing champion, his wife Paris and their six children as they go about their daily lives in the seaside town.

While it isn't Selling Sunset locations the Gypsy King is filmed having his hair cut at K1 Barber's on Euston Road, enjoying a brew at Keegan's coffee shop in Poulton Square, and paying a visit to Atkinson's chippy on Albert Road.

There are clips of Tyson running on the Prom, taking the kids out on the seafront and visiting Salt Ayre tip.

As for the girls, Paris and daughter Venezuela are filmed having their nails done in Morecambe town centre.

It’s not just the Furys who call Morecambe home – Britain’s biggest family do too.

Mum Sue, 48 and dad Noel, 52, have 22 kids and are proud to call Lancashire's coastal town of Morecambe their home.

The Radford Family live in a former care home and they snapped up their 10-bedroom home for £240,000 in 2004.

The family and Morecambe are used to the spotlight. For the last decade documentary cameras have followed the Radfords on the smash hit Channel 5 series 22 Kids and Counting.

Series three of the show aired in January 2023 – and a fourth series has been confirmed.

The series focusses on life at home – and what a home it is. It boasts a £27,000 jacuzzi, sophisticated four-figure washing machines and an outdoor bar.

The family famously support themselves with their business and don’t reply on handouts. The busy parents even found time to open a pie shop in Morecambe after customers went mad for their pies sold online.

They have famously been house hunting in the area for the last couple of years. At one point the Radfords even looked to Florida to relocate.

Yet in July they announced they have finally found their new home. While the exact location has yet to be revealed – what’s the betting it’s in Morecambe?

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Both families are minted and could easily afford to move elsewhere. With the average house costing £184,000 – the likes of the Beckhams aren't going to be moving to Morecambe anytime soon.

Yet we reckon the Furys and the Radfords clearly know something about “crap town” Morecambe that the rest of the world doesn't.

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