I can live on a daily budget of just £1 per day by shopping at Tesco – here's how | The Sun

A SAVVY shopper successfully bought an entire day's worth of food for £1 – and she even had change to spare.

The thrifty Tiktokker shares how she lives on a budget and saves cash by shopping at Tesco.

Money blogger Kathryn Leech often shares her top saving tips and tricks on TikTok, where she has more than 28,000 followers.

Kathryn willingly accepted the challenge: "Is it possible to live on only a £1 a day food budget by shopping at Tesco?"

She shared the video to her page @everylittlepenny, talking through her meal plans for the day.

After a quick breakfast of tinned peaches, the budget-aware shopper whipped up a quick meal of pasta with veggies.

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She said: "I'm not going to pretend it's anything revolutionary. It's an incredibly basic meal.

"But I've made enough that it is going to last me for lunch and dinner."

Kathryn did cheat a little, though, adding: "The one thing I am going to allow myself is seasoning, I'm just going to use salt and pepper, probably something else – literally whatever is in my cupboard."

She dubbed the challenge "a success," encouraging her viewers to adopt her tried-and-tested budget hacks.

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Fans were impressed, with one commenting: "Smashed it."

This is not Kathryn's first savings video either.

The self-proclaimed money saver took to social media to share her price comparison of different UK supermarkets.

She even spoke about some handy tips for saving money on car insurance.

It comes as the cost of living crisis rages on, with many concerned over rising food prices.

Brits have shared their tips to help out.

This mum-of-two has found a way to feed her family of four for only £1 per person.

Another savvy shopper shared a video of their weekly £5 shop, discussing their tips to be as creative as possible to save some money.

Meanwhile, this mum-of-six broke down her weekly Aldi shop for eight people.

Get the shopping list

Tinned peaches 31p

Spaghetti 23p

Chopped tomatoes 28p

Onion 11p

Carrot 6p

The total for the day = 99p

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