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NOTHING hits the spot like a delicious, juicy burger.

And now a TikTok user has claimed to have discovered how to make the “best burger you’ll ever have” in their Air Fryer, and it only takes a matter of minutes.

Food lover @bearcreekeats shared how they first diced up some shallots and then added them to a frying pan with some oil.

To make the burger, add beef mince to a bowl and season with salt and pepper, garlic powder and their favourite addition of some Montreal steak spice.

Once it is mixed, make balls of the meat and then flatten them out on a chopping board to make a flat burger shape.

He added: “Don’t worry if these guys aren’t perfect.”

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Next, spray down your Air Fryer with oil and add your patties at 180F.

To make the burger sauce, the TikToker explained: “Now get some Japanese mayo, some ketchup, a little wholegrain mustard, a little Worcester sauce and some diced pickles.

“Now give it a mix.”

After the burger patties have been cooking for five minutes, flip them and add some slices of cheese.

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Grab a brioche burger bun and lightly fry it to give it a crispy feel, and then add your burger sauce and some pickles if you wish.

Then add your cheese burger once you are happy it has cooked.

He added: “Top that off with our gorgeous caramelised shallots, now sauce up the top bun as well and let’s crown this king.”

In the caption they added: “THE BEST BURGER EVER – AIR FRYER EDITION.”

After racking up thousands of likes, people have been quick to take to the comments.

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One said: “That looks fire.”

Another added: “Man I’m hungry now.”

If you are looking to add some chips, here’s how to also make them in the Air Fryer.

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