Trolls are just desperate for attention, I’ve had it for 13 years and now they don’t bother me, says Jacqueline Jossa | The Sun

JACQUELINE Jossa has hit back at the cruel trolls who have haunted her social feeds and attacked her for over 13 years.

The mum-of-two and former EastEnders star explains: “I’ve been in this industry for over 13 years so I’d be lying if I said I haven’t come across my fair share of trolls over the years, but with time I’ve learnt to not let it affect me anymore and I can truly hold my head high and say that. 

Instead of hitting back, Jacqueline, 29, says she has learnt to bite her tongue and no longer give haters the time of day, “Sometimes, it’s just best to ignore people who are desperate for attention.

“It can be difficult to ignore people who say nasty things, but ultimately, if you haven’t got anything nice to say, you are not welcome on my social media.”

Last year, Jac – who is married to former TOWIE star Dan Osborne -took to Instagram to to share the ‘excruciating’ pain she faces on her period with her 3.5million followers.

Like thousands of women who struggle each month she also admitted she hasn’t wanted to ‘bother the NHS.’

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Despite periods often being labelled a 'taboo' subject, her post was met with huge support instead of hate and pushed her to join the fight in making period stigma a thing of the past by fronting the one off ITVbe documentary, Jac Jossa – Periods & Me.

In the new show, which airs on ITVbe at 9pm tonight, Jac explores whether crippling periods are ‘part of being a woman’ or if she’s dealing with something more sinister. 

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, Jacqueline even admits she's lost out on work due to her menstrual struggles saying: “I call it (my period) my ‘hell week.’ 

She adds: “I feel weird saying that I’ve turned down work opportunities, because I still feel a lot of people will just say ‘it's not that bad’, or ‘toughen up’, or ‘stop being ridiculous.’

“It’s almost like we have just become accustomed to working through the pain because we have been conditioned to just “get on with it”, even when we are struggling with our period. 

“It’s almost like we are expected just to get on with it, because it’s just a part of being a woman.”

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The show also confronts the lack of education available to the younger generation, something that Jac is determined to address with her own daughters Ella, 7, and Mia, 3.

“As a mum, I want to make sure my girls know as much as they can about their periods, and not to feel embarrassed about talking about them,” Jac says.

“When they are seeing tampons and sanitary towels in the bathroom, naturally they will ask me questions, and I’m really pleased that they do. 

I feel weird saying that I’ve turned down work opportunities, because I still feel a lot of people will just say ‘toughen up’

“They are still quite young, but I am grateful to have done the documentary, because I feel a lot more clued up about things. 

“I want them to know that periods are nothing to be embarrassed about.” 

While Jac is certainly forward thinking when it comes to her own children, she admits that she doesn’t always practice what she preaches.

“Unfortunately, I think most women will still hide their tampons up their jumper sleeve,” she says. 

“I’m guilty of trying to hide my periods – especially with people I don’t know. 

“But since filming the documentary, I’ve been a lot more open with them about my period.”

Jac says that ‘channelling her inner Stacey Dooley’ has been perfect when it comes to her number one priority.

“I will always make time for my kids, because being a mum is my greatest achievement,” she says.

“My kids are everything to me, so they come first my numero uno. Us mums make it work. 

“I’m lucky and feel very grateful that I get to have more flexible working hours, as I’m aware not everyone has that opportunity, so I make the most of the time I get with my children. 

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“My family is my happy place, and I work to ensure I can give them happy memories and the best life that I possibly can.” 

Jac Jossa – Periods & Me airs on ITVBe at 9pm on Thursday

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