WE'VE all ordered clothes online, only to be hugely disappointed when they arrive and look nothing like we imagined.

And fashion fan Bryony Blake, who is from the UK, is no exception.

Taking to TikTok, she shared her very unsuccessful clothes haul from H&M.

In the clip, things appear to start out well, with Bryony pleased with a casual t-shirt she tries on which has 'Vancouver 82' emblazoned across the front.

"Really like this T-shirt, really cute," she says. "Bit cropped for me, but it'll do."

Next, she tries on other items of clothing that she's "really not sure about."


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"OK so this is a silk blend shirt in black," Bryony continues. "I thought quite useful for work but it's £75 and it doesn't feel very silky to me. It feels a little bit nylon-y.

"I mean it's a silk blend – I don't know what the ratio of blend is but I thought it was going to be a bit silkier.

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"Everyone needs a nice silk shirt. I just can't figure out if it looks a bit cheap considering it's really not."

Moving on, Bryony then slips into a large grey jumper dress.

Looking very unimpressed, she jokes: "What?!

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"Let's try and give it a bit of hope and change the bra."

Still disappointed, the fashion fan jokes: "I look like a feed sack! I'm not being funny but I've seen this on so many people and it looks so nice on them – what's wrong with me?"

And things only go from bad to worse when Bryony tries on a white jumper dress.

"Are you actually kidding me?" she says. "Why do these things always look so good on everyone else! I'm quite tall!"

Adding a belt, she notes: "Ok, makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. It's just not me, is it? It's not doing me any favours. Absolutely none!

"I think these big, saggy jumpers aren't really for me. I'd love to know your comments below, but I think you and I are on the same page – that these will be going back tomorrow."

The post has received over 45,000 views, with many taking to the comments section to offer their verdicts.

"Definitely send them all back apart from the T-shirt," wrote one.

A second commented: "I’m glad this happens to other people I order loads of clothes and when I try them on they never suit me.

"The shirt does look nice but not worth it."

A third penned: "Definitely send it all back apart from the T-shirt, I have had much better and for a lot less from Shein."

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "Oh bless you! No those dresses aren’t great! I LOVE the T-shirt!"

Another quipped: "Made me chuckle! I’m the same."

A further added: "I bought similar knitted dress and I looked exactly the same!!

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"Ordered after seeing lots of people buy on here and look amazing!!"

And one more social media user suggested: "The jumper dresses are perfect for lounging round the house and saving on the heating."

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