I filled my whole face with Botox myself – including my lips and nose – and people can’t believe I didn’t even flinch | The Sun

A BEAUTICIAN has shocked people by injecting a full face of botox on herself.

Mikaila Bayliss is an aesthetic practitioner who has so much faith in her skills, she just needs a syringe loaded with botox and a mirror to perform a full-face procedure on herself.

The 31-year-old shared the process of how she injects her own botox on Tik Tok – and viewers were shocked that she didn’t even flinch.

Mikaila started by marking where she wanted to inject her face with white dots, marking over 15 across her forehead, nose, lips and chin.

She dotted out an upside triangle on her forehead, her crows feet, the sides of her nose and above her top lip. 

Mikaila then scrunched her face to mark where she wanted to inject under her lips and on her chin.

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Botox relaxes muscle by temporarily blocking nerve impulses to the injected muscles – it lasts around four to six months. 

Mikaila started with injecting her forehead before moving onto her crows feet.

The beautician pinched her skin where she wanted to inject it before sliding the needle in. 

Once the top half of her head was done, she injected two little dots on either side of her nostrils and then moved on to her chin.

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The purpose of chin botox is to give it a smoother appearance and stop it from dimpling when smiling, talking or moving the face. 

Mikaila finished her self-performed treatment session by injecting botox downwards into her top lip. 

A fellow aesthetic practitioner quipped: “Fair play girl! 

“You didn’t even flinch! 

“I’m nearly crying when I do my own.

“My video wouldn’t look like that.”

Viewers were particularly interested in why Mikaila injected four bits of botox across her top lip. 

It is called “gummy smile” botox and is utilised to relax the upper-lip muscles, which means less gum is on show when you smile. 

Mikaila runs aesthetic clinics in London, York and Kent, offering all things filler and botox related.

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She even carries out skin boosting injections, chemical peels and other skin treatments. 

The botox expert advised viewers that she would post the results of her botox in two weeks when it has had enough time to settle into her face.

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