I flew to Turkey for a £20 haircut…sure I paid for a flight but I’ve never had such soft locks, it was a great decision | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she jetted abroad for a haircut and was not only very impressed with how cheap it was, but was also over the moon with how her hair looked too.

Lujain explained that she flew from London to Turkey to get her hair done.

And while she would typically pay £100 in the UK to get her locks cut and blow dried, it cost her just £20 in Antalya. 

Taking to TikTok to show off her new locks, the beauty fan, who posts under the username @lujaininsane, revealed that her hair turned out lovely and was “so fluffy.” 

She explained: “I’m in Antalya in Turkey and I went to go and get my haircut because Turkish people are known to be really good at cutting hair.

“This little Turkish man did my hair.”

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In the clip, we saw Lujain at the hairdresser, whilst getting her hair cut.

She then showed off the finished result, as she confirmed: “I turned out so nice, it's so fluffy.

“I asked for bangs and lots of layers, but they told me that bangs wouldn't suit me.

“So this is the result.”

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Showing off her gorgeous long locks, Lujain was left very impressed with her stunning new hair, which was not only cut and washed but blow dried and styled too. 

She then said: “They only charged me £20 and this is the best salon in Antalya.

“I usually get my hair cut in London for £100.”

Not only did Lujain go to the best salon in Antalya but she also saved a whopping £80 on the haircut too, leaving many open-mouthed. 

While Lujain didn't confirm how much much her flights to Antalya cost, flights via Kayak airlines start from just £39 for a direct journey.

Lujain’s clip has clearly impressed many, as it has amassed 12.6k views, 627 likes, 10 comments and 12 shares.

Social media users loved Lujain’s new hair and were quick to express this in the comments. 

One person said: “Pretty before and after.” 

Another added: “Omgggg I went to this same hotel in Antalya, the woman there is so nice, bless her.”

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A third commented: “Where did you go for your haircut, looks so good.”

To this, Lujain confirmed “They are in Akra hotel in Antalya.”

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