I follow a five gift rule for my kids at Christmas – 'vile' trolls tell me I'm 'killing their childhood memories' | The Sun

A MOTHER has hit back at cruel trolls who have slammed the Christmas five gift rule her kids follow during the festive period.

The woman named Jay took to social media after being disgusted by the trolling another mother received after revealing she spends £100 on each of her children at Christmas.

In a post shared to TikTok (@socialwithjay), Jay explains how they do the five gift rule in their house.

"It's something we decided to do after years and years of buying c***p that never got played with," she says.

"So we sat the kids down and said, 'look, we'd rather spend our money on experiences and memories around Christmas."

For those who have never heard of the five gift rule, Jay explains: "They'll get something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read, something to share…"



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In a second clip, she goes on to note how her kids will be writing out their Christmas lists tonight.

"No, we haven't started yet because when you only buy five gifts for each of them it takes me less than a day to do my Christmas shopping," she says.


But after sharing the videos, Jay was horrified to receive a "vile" comment which read: "You're killing their childhood memories of Christmas."

Hitting back, she says: "This is what is wrong with social media.

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"People thinking they have the right to go onto another mother's post, who is trying to help people, and tell them that they are killing the memories of Christmas for their children.

"That is so unbelievably vile.

"Comments on this post are shocking – absolutely shocking."

She goes on to say how they do the five gift rule because it makes them feel better as a family.

"It's our decision, we can do what we want," she says.

"I shared it because there are people struggling at the moment and I wanted to help people.

"We personally, are not struggling – and if you look back through my posts you'll see we've just come back from Disneyland, we've booked a £700 holiday for over Christmas and I don't show my kids on here, but they have everything they could possibly want or need."

She continues: "Christmas is one day and I don't want them to grow up feeling like it's expected of us to buy them a load of stuff they don't really want."

Jay goes on to answer another question she claims she's "getting attacked for."

She says: "The reason that he is getting a coat is because he has three coats – one's a football coat, one's a raincoat and one's a winter coat.

"The winter coat has fur around the hood and he loves it, but the arms are getting a little bit short and he wants a new one so he's put that as something he needs.

"And slippers? People are telling me I should be buying him slippers because they're essential.

"Hang on? Since when could humans not survive without slippers?"

Jay captioned the post: "This is the last I will say on the matter but maybe just be kind.

"People can do Christmas however they want.

"I don’t agree with everything but I would NEVER go and comment on someones post to tell them."

It wasn't long before the posts went viral, with many praising Jay for sharing her family tradition.

"Honestly the things I remember most about Christmas wasn’t the presents. It was family around and the Christmas party in the evening," wrote one.

A second penned: "A single parent struggling, I’m so glad I came across this video! Really put me at ease for Christmas this year."

A third commented: "I agree 100% I don't recall a single present but recall all the parties the family together on Christmas day."

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "People who 'spoil' their kids at Xmas are the ones taking away the Christmas meaning! I 100% agree with everything you said."

And a further added: "Actually I love how you do Christmas, maybe going to use this idea next year."

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