Homes expert shares warning about the impact drying your clothes inside has on your house & it'll make you think twice | The Sun

A MAN has left people stunned after sharing a video showing how drying your clothes inside affects the humidity inside your home.

He knows his stuff, considering he works for a company called the Ministry of Mould, and goes to look around people's houses to point out the most susceptible areas and suggest ways to stop mould from forming.

In a video on TikTok, he explained why it's never a good idea to dry clothes indoors.

Kicking off, he used a humidity monitor to check the humidity in the rest of the house, coming up with 80% relative humidity.

"Okay that's high, but it's a damp day outside, so it's probably going to be high in here," he said.

He then moved into the room where he had a radiator airer drying clothes, and checked what the humidity was in there.

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"So the humidity in this room where the clothes are drying is 93.3% relative humidity," he said.

That's actually more humid than a tropical rainforest, shockingly.

"The other number there is the dew point, 19.4 degrees, that means if any surface in this room is below 19 degrees, then we're going to get condensation forming," he continued.

"And when you get condensation forming, you get mould."

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Using another machine, he checked the temperature of the wall behind the sofa, which showed that it was 18.8 degrees.

"So that is now susceptible to getting condensation forming on it because of the humidity in this room," he explained.

"And if you look, there's mould on it.

"Not really surprised – that's because of the humidity in here."

If you do have to dry your clothes inside, he suggested trying to keep them all in one room, and then having the windows open in that room.

Otherwise, you can get a dehumidifier.

"Just let that room breathe, let the humidity stay low, and you won't get those mould problems," he concluded.

Sharing the video on TikTok, he added in the caption: "Clothes drying indoors causes this room to be as humid as a rainforest! I get it.

"Sometimes clothes need to be dried inside but you can save yourself some real bother with mould by taking simple steps.

"Open the windows and keep the door shut is the easiest and free.

"If you have a dehumidifier then put that in the room (with the windows and doors shut) and run it while the clothes dry."

"I use a dehumidifier," one person commented on the video.

"Clothes dry and soft in hours and a good chunk of water in the machine. Lovely."

"I’ve got a dehumidifier. Game changer," another wrote.

"Small closed off room, heated rail and dehumidifier,"a third commented.

"Cheap, easy and quick."

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