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A FASHION fan has shared her go-to for wearing a braless dress when boob tape fails this is the next best thing.  

Kathryn Mueller is a fashion fan and gym lover, she shares lifestyle and fashion videos online.

In a recent video Kathryn shared what she uses to keep dresses and other garments secure and it is not boob tape. 

Kathryn said: “The girls weren’t going anywhere last night with this.”

She said: “Okay so if you are ever wearing a dress that you don’t want to move around and fashion tape has wronged you before let me introduce body glue.”

Kathryn explained she came across body glue in the dancing world and used to make sure she didn’t slip out of her costumes.

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She said: “So I used to use this to glue myself into dance costumes growing up.”

She said: “So basically I want this guy [her boob] to sit a little more in so I’m not at risk [of spillage].” 

Kathryn said: “You put the glue on your skin and move this over [her dress]  and it sticks on it.”

After applying the body glue Kathryn came back on camera and said you need to hold the garment in place for about 30 seconds.

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She said: “Okay so I rolled the glue onto my skin and then you adjust the dress accordingly, I’m just holding it while it dries.”

After she finished holding the dress she showed viewers how her dress now would not move.

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She said: “You can see it is now glued on, stuck to the dress .”

You can find body glue on Amazon for less than £10.

A little bit later Kathryn showed viewers her dress a few hours after attending her event to prove her dress has stayed secure.

She said: “Post event we are still glued in and no wardrobe malfunctions.” 

Kathryn confirmed the body glue peels right off and washes off super easily with water. 

Although it does leave a little residue so you want to make sure you thoroughly wash your garments after using the glue.

Kathryns video gained over 737,000 views.

Many ex-dancing professionals shared their experiences with body glue. 

One commenter said: “I’ve been influenced.”

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A second commenter said: “Ok this is genius. I needed this this summer! totally buying for the future!”

Another commenter said: “I use to use this for my socks for Irish dancing competitions.”

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