I go from a 5 to a 10 in a bikini – I wanted people to ‘tell me I’m pretty’ but they had a different reaction | The Sun

A 25-YEAR-OLD has begged people to compliment her two-piece look.

TikTok creator Aneta asked viewers to tell her she looks good in a bikini, but they couldn't take her seriously.

Aneta posted a video of her bathing suit transformation and claimed people think she looks better in a two-piece swimsuit.

While Aneta hoped viewers would be in awe of her beauty, they only laughed.

The seemingly confident woman started in a baggy T-shirt and comfy sweatpants.

Text across the screen read: "People say I go from a 5 to a 10 in a bikini."


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She flipped her hair over her shoulders and stuck her hands in her pants pockets.

The beat switched, and so did Aneta's outfit.

Aneta appeared bent over with her arms stretched out to her side.

Her shirt and pants were still on.

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Instead of ripping the baggy clothes from her body, Aneta placed the tight two-piece over them.

The cheeky black bottoms cinched the pants material between her legs as the triangle top squeezed her chest.

She looked like the bikini was sucking her in.

Aneta was stiff, locked in her hunched-over position.

"Tell me I'm pretty," she pleaded in the video caption.

However, viewers couldn't do it.

Though some liked the video, they didn't compliment her in the comments.

The only commenter did the opposite.

"The way I cackled at the end," they admitted.

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Aneta took the remark lightly.

She responded: "I’ve been laughing at it nonstop."

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