Mum shares hilarious result of nine-year-old son’s puberty lesson – his take on female anatomy has people in stitches | The Sun

A MUM-OF-TWO was left in stitches when her nine-year-old son brought home his school work from a puberty lesson.

The cheeky lad was asked to label and draw on the outlines of a male and female body during a class about the birds and the bees.

His take on the female anatomy had his mum, who remained anonymous, roaring with laughter.

When labelling the female body, he jotted down “camel toe gets bigger” and “crack and pubes grow”.

He even hilariously wrote on a pointer to the woman’s head, “get grumpy”.

For the boobs he penned “breasts get bigger” but was also quick to note where armpit hairs should be.

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His comical takes on puberty were not just reserved for the female body, though.

He jotted that men’s hair gets “greasy” and they experience “mood swings”.

The funny schoolboy also pointed out that men “sweat more” and labelled where “pubes” and “balls” should be. 

In another label of the male groin area, he simply wrote, “penis gets bigger”.

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The young boy had prepared the diagrams during a lesson before Christmas but only brought his schoolwork home yesterday.

His mum laughed: “What I first saw when he showed me was men get greasy hair, women get grumpy… 

“I was like, ‘I think that's the other way round’ then saw he wrote camel toe. 

“I don’t know how a teacher hasn't pulled me in.”

Once she had finished giggling at his masterpiece, the good-humoured mum took to Facebook to share it.

People were particularly tickled by him referring to a vagina as a “camel toe”.

One woman laughed: “I would say he's got it spot on! 

“I love the ‘camel toe’ and ‘gets grumpy’.”

A second beamed: “I never learnt what a camel toe was til I was a lot older than this. 

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“He is very clever.”

Others said his take on the female anatomy had made their day and dubbed it “amazing”.

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