I got a 'flash' tattoo but I really regret it – it's completely meaningless and even looks a bit questionable | The Sun

A WOMAN who got a "flash tattoo" has explained just why she regrets the design she chose.

Wendy was at an event for tattoo artist and make-up maven Kat Von D when she was offered the inking, she revealed in a video on her TikTok page.

"So I just got a new tattoo and I regret it, I absolutely regret it," she began.

"On Sunday I went to a KVD event and they were giving out flash tattoos, and I cannot say no to a tattoo on the spot right.

"So of course I go for a tattoo and for the flash tattoo there was a lot of options."

She decided she wanted one on her hand, and went for a flower, until the tattooist questioned her choice and placement.

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"So then I was like, ‘Okay, wait, let me just get the cherries’," she said.

"He was like, ‘Okay, it’ll be so cute’.

"But then I’m sitting there, him tattooing me already and I can’t just say ‘Stop’ right, so I’m like ‘Yeah, oh my gosh I’m so excited for this cherry tattoo’."

Wendy admitted she'd already started thinking of a back story to try and explain the inking.

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"Now I have to lie to people and say that cherries are my favourite fruit because why would I tattoo on myself unless I…" she said, before adding: "Actually, I don’t have to lie".

"I can just be for real and say I don’t like cherries, I just don’t know why I got it.

"This is the most meaningless tattoo ever… the cherries are just very questionable."

She added in her video caption: "Moral of the story: don't question me or else i will make a regrettable decision.

"No hate to the artist! They did an amazing job!"

The comments section was quickly filled with people urging Wendy to embrace the meaningless inking.

"Tattoos don’t have to mean anything at all, get what you want," one wrote.

"Normalise tattoos that don’t mean s**t," another added.

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"Isn’t it ironically the most meaningful, cause it’s a lesson to say no if you don’t like something," a third commented.

"The meaningless ones are the ones with the most meaning," someone else wrote.

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