I got a huge sleeve tattoo & regretted it immediately – I didn’t tell the artist how I felt, so now I’m in for more pain | The Sun

AN ink art fan who got a huge sleeve tattoo has described how she regretted it almost immediately.

She didn't tell the artist how she felt and now is in even more pain for not speaking up.

Commenters felt her pain and many shared similar experiences and stories of remorse.

It was almost too much to bear for one person who begged her to stand up for herself.

“This hurts my heart. Please find your voice and advocate for yourself. Make them angry if it’s in the interest of being true to you.”

But Madz (@madzandboujee.com) figured it was perhaps always easier to be wiser after the fact.

Anyways, she was being far too nice and considerate of the tattoo artist to speak of her concerns at the time.

In her post, she held up the offending body art, an image of a Greek mythological figure, Medusa, that sprawled over her lower arm area.

“Me after getting a huge tattoo that I regretted immediately," she confessed.

Then continued: "Because I was too nervous to be mean and say anything.”

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Madz used a backing track to sum up her situation: “There’s the dumbest b*tch with the biggest heart."

She had plans, however, to get rid of her tattoo and it wasn't going to be cheap.

“About to start the removal process soon. Please give me tips.”

"It’s going to be three times the cost of the actual tattoo to get it removed," she revealed.

This was a period of reflection for her and her attitude to body art.

"The older I get the more I want to get rid of my tattoos. I think my style just changed over time," she said.

Commenters related to her post and shared their experiences of tattoo torture.

One person said: “Same. I actually tried to say something and when they told me 'no, it looks good,' I just let it happen.”

It was a similar tale for a second person: “That’s so my personality and how I ended up with a tattoo I hate.”

This viewer was already onto the next stage: “Same, now $3,000 on getting it removed.”

As was this person, but be warned: “Me, but the removal was the worst pain I ever felt, and couldn’t go back for session two.”

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There was another perspective on her tattoo offered from this viewer.

“I think it looks dope and would look better if you could complete your sleeve. But to each their own. Sorry you have to go through this.”

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