I got an intricate tribal tattoo 20 years ago but now it looks like a giant blob – people can’t decide who to blame | The Sun

A MAN who got an intricate tribal tattoo done has revealed that twenty years later it looks like a giant blob.

The post went viral on Reddit and Facebook and many people were left wondering who was to blame.

The original poster captioned the post: "What a difference twenty years make."

The first picture, which sees the tattoo after it was just done shows a tribal-style tattoo with lots of intricate line work.

But as time went on, the line work bled out making it look like he had a giant black blob on his ankle.

The before and after photos of the tattoo were taken twenty years apart and left people stunned.


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Many couldn't decide who was to blame for the failed tattoo.

Some said it was his thought for not wearing sunscreen, while others blamed the tattoo artist.

One wrote: "If that is the same tattoo there are multiple things wrong here… 1. This person probably never used sunscreen a day in their life, especially not over their tattoo 2. They probably did a week of aftercare tops and never used lotion again 3. Listen when your artist says it needs to be bigger."

Another person commented: "It's a spacing issue."

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"the artist f’d this up so bad. I’ve seen detail that small hold up. There isn’t much the client could have done to save this with all the blow outs in it," penned a third.

However, others revealed it looked like a poorly done Yoda silhouette.

One person added: "Just call it a bad Yoda silhouette now!"

Another joked: "It looks like Yoda. In a dark room."

Meanwhile, a Redditor recently showed off their corn dog tattoo – but didn't get the reaction they were hoping for.

The unique tattoo featured the words Strength, Beautiful, Courage, and Calm around the treats in script letters.

But many people took to the thread to say the corn dogs looked more like a rash than a tasty treat.

One said: “Corn dogs is being rather generous. That looks like some kind of rash or lesion.”

While another posted: “Looks like d***’s on a d**k (sic).”

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