I got dress-coded at the gym for wearing a matching sports bra and shorts – but people love my outfit | The Sun

A WOMAN and her friend got kicked out of the gym for wearing a sports bra but people love her outfit.

Anna (@user8273729720) and her friend joked about the unfortunate situation together.

The two danced in a video shared with her TikTok followers, mocking the gym.

"I got dress-coded at the gym today, wby (what 'bout you?)" she asked.

She showed off the outfit she got kicked out for: a hot pink sports bra and matching shorts, with a zip-up hoodie.

The blonde used audio to mock how she felt about the injustice.

"The kid is an L-7 weenie," the two joked.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts.

A few shared similar experiences at the same location.

"I've gotten dress-coded there too," sighed one commenter.

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"That old lady is gonna be the death of me," Anna responded in frustration.

Others praised her outfit regardless.

"THE SET," exclaimed one viewer enthusiastically.

"The set," agreed another, adding heart eyes.

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