You’re sharp as a tack if you can spot the rogue word in this optical illusion in less than five seconds | The Sun

CAN you can spot the rogue word hidden among this list in five seconds?

The mind-bending optical illusion is the latest brain-teaser to go viral online, leaving plenty of quiz fans stumped.

In the picture, 120 copies of the same word "bungle" are seen grouped in identical columns.

However, those with a keener eye will see there is an anomoly.

That's right, in this meticulous list is a rogue word and it's your job to spot it.

Test yourself and set your clock to five seconds.


You could have a genius IQ if you can find the rogue word in less than five seconds

You have the eyes of a hawk if you spot the correctly spelled word in 5 secs

Can you spot it?

If not, try work your way through each list but be careful – the black and white text can be deceptive.

Do not worry if you are still struggling, The Sun Online has the answer for you below.

If you look to the far right column of the brain teaser and slowly work your way down you will find the rogue word "bangle".

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