I got dress-coded at work and I’m so annoyed – there’s nothing ‘inappropriate’ about my dress | The Sun

A TEEN who was dress-coded at work has been fuming at her boss.

Faerienorah posted a video of the "offending items" on TikTok.

“What about this?” she asks. “Inappropriate to wear to work?”

The 19-year-old self-confessed pagan/polytheist loves vintage dresses.

In the video, she displays the dress-coded clothes.

She wears a checkered thigh-length dress, teamed with black leggings, and rounded off with a pair of black chunky shoes.

The all-over look is not to her employer’s liking, however.

Faerienorah is unhappy as she stomps in her video showing viewers her outfit.

“I got dress-coded at work for wearing this!” she exclaims.

She feels infantilized by her boss’s attitude. “It’s like I’m at middle school again.”

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Over her dress, she wears a regulation red tabard, with a name badge pinned over her breast pocket.

Comments to her post were baffled at the dress coding.

One said: “They really got mad over leggings?”

Others loved her vintage look.

“You look radiant," said one.

“So pretty," said another.

Finally, a cheering message: "Love your page and the things you post. It honestly makes my day a little better when I see your stuff thank you personally."

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