I had 36H boobs – I got them surgically reduced to a D-cup but men ask ‘why’ | The Sun

ONE busty woman has shared why she got a breast reduction, despite some people not understanding why she would want to.

The woman was all smiles as she posted about her procedure, and it was clear that she was satisfied with her decision as she welcomed the congrats.

"Me talking to my 36H cup boobs," Chloe (@chlloe.paiige) wrote in her social media video.

She mouthed along to an audio clip as she addressed her chest before dismissing it:

"Ladies and gentlemen, it was lovely to have you this year. See you next year. Or not."

With that, she cut to a clip where she was bandaged and marked up, suggesting she got a breast reduction.

"No more boobs," she added in her caption.

People took to the comments section to leave their opinions and share their queries.

"I wanted to say congratulations but I’m not sure if that’s the right response," one person wrote.

To which Chloe said: "It definitely is the right response."

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"Congrats and good luck on your back recovery," another person wrote.

"Why?" someone else questioned, completely oblivious to the reason behind Chloe's choices.

Other people could very much relate to Chloe.

"I CANNOT WAIT!! I’m a 36H as well," one said.

"My 36H’s are going bye bye real soon," another affirmed.

And when one person wanted to know what size she was reduced to, Chloe said she "aimed for a D."

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