A BEAUTY lover has been left mortified after fillers gave him fish gills instead of a snatched jawline.

Despite their popularity, face fillers can go awfully wrong, especially when not injected by a professional – and nobody knows this better than Sean Anthony.

This beauty lover and content creator, whose videos and make-up tutorials have amassed him more than 681,000 followers on TikTok, left the internet in stitches after showing what he looked like with his new jaw fillers.

In the viral clip, which has been viewed more than a whopping 11 million times, the talented whizz said that he had filler injected in his jaw.

''It looks really good… Until I f*****g open my mouth.''

Showing off his new snatched jawline, Sean then proceeded to open his mouth wide – and it appeared that the filler had migrated upwards, making for an unusual bump above his jaw.

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''Is this normal?'' the popular make-up guru wondered, adding that he was looking like Squidward Q. Tentacles from the animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants.

Despite the clip having been filmed just one day after the procedure and Sean most likely hoping it would go away, the follow-up videos, unfortunately, showed a very different reality.

Six days later and the gills were still there, with Sean describing the block of filler as feeling ''soft''.

''It doesn't feel as hard, it just feels… good?''

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After having taken the internet by storm and being compared to a fish with an ability to breathe under water, the TikTok user promised fans that he would go see a professional.

''I'm gonna go get it fixed,'' he said, urging to follow for updates.

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Viewers were left in hysterics, with some even demanding he attempted to contour the gills – which he did.

However, more concerned TikTok users warned others to not get this procedure, with one writing: ''Do not get filler!! It migrates and never naturally dissolves all the way like they say.''

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Someone else speculated that the injected had messed up, explaining: ''They’ve done it way to [too] superficial, it need to be placed nuch [much] deeper closer to the jaw bone so it follows it better when you open [sic]!!''

Another beauty lover claimed that this was a part of jawline filler: ''It’s normal! It has to just settle after a little 🙂 still stiff right now and once the muscles get less tense due to the tension.''

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