I hate trying to get my grubby socks white again, but then discovered a £1.70 hack that’s changed my life for good | The Sun

THERE'S nothing more annoying than trying to get grubby socks white again.

But one woman has shared a genius hack that gets them clean and gleaming every time.

Designer-conscious Jenna loves her white Nike socks, but wasn't a fan of washing them when they were all dirty and grey.

Then she discovered a hack that changed her life, which she has in turn shared in a video on her TikTok page.

"How to clean your filthy white Nike socks," she wrote over the top of the clip, which began by showing all the dirty socks.

She started by putting the socks in the sink, and added boiling hot water.

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Jenna then added a generous pour of Ace Ultra for Whites, before tipping in a sachet of Dr Beckmann's whitening powder.

After stirring the mixture, she left to soak overnight.

And when she came down the next morning, it was clear to see that the grime had largely left the socks.

She then put them on a quick, hot wash, and they emerged blindingly white once again.

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"This hack changed my life," she captioned the video.

And people were quick to comment on the clip, with many of them thanking Jenna for sharing her tip.

"I’m trying it tonight," one wrote.

"The best stuff ever," another added of the Dr Beckmann sachets, which are currently on sale on Ocado for £1.70.

"Thanks, I use Ace bleach too but did worry the tick would bleach too so usually just do the bottoms," a third commented.

"Thanks for this. Definitely trying,"someone else wrote.

"Is that true?" another questioned.

"It's like new."

"I do this and it never fails me!" someone else gushed.

"Ace is brilliant."

Others were more concerned about the fact that Jenna was washing her socks in the kitchen sink.

"Using the kitchen sink and the wooden spoon is wild!!" one wrote.

"In the kitchen sink is crazy," another exclaimed.

"IN THE SINK ?!" a third marvelled.

"You wash dishes and prepare food there, whaaat??!" someone else commented.

"Why do you wash in kitchen sink?" another asked.

To which Jenna seemed unbothered, as she replied: "There a problem?"

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"In the sink Lmao," someone else laughed.

"Who washes socks in the damn sink? I would never eat from that kitchen ever again!"

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