I hate wearing bras and haven’t worn one for over two years – people say I should start but I’m happy as I am | The Sun

A WOMAN has hit back at trolls who say she should start wearing a bra.

Allison recently took to TikTok to show off her latest outfit.

The woman, from the US, wore high-waisted jeans and a brown vest, a pretty average ensemble.

But trolls quickly took to the comments telling the 26-year-old she should wear a bra.

They quipped; "Cute, but a bra would make it better."

But Allison replied to the comment in a TikTok video posted to her account, scalawagbanger2.0.


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She said: "I have not worn a bra in like two and a half years, maybe three now."

Allison then showed off her top and how it looked without her wearing a bra underneath.

She continued: "And I'm never gunna, and it's never gunna look better with a bra.

"It's never gunna feel better with a bra."

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Despite the negative comment, Allison soon received praise for telling the meanie off.

Many people told Allison she looked great without a bra despite what the troll said.

One wrote: "It Looks SO GOOD WITHOUT why do people think its better wearing one i will never understand."

Another person commented: "Fight the good fight."

but some disagreed.

"Social distancing," penned a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Does it hurt to walk or run around though???"

"Them thangs gon look like nuts eventually. lol," claimed a fifth.

Plenty of women have decided to go bralessand shared their stories on TikTok.

One mum recently revealed she ditched the bra as part of her spiritual awakening journey. 

Christina Hladnik posted a video online where she confessed she wasn’t always comfortable going braless in public and worried about what other people might think. 

She said: "Old me – embarrassed to go braless in public…scared to go against ‘societal norms’ as a 37 years old mum."

The artist later explained the ‘societal norms’ she decided to let go of. 

“The ones imposed on me through conditioning from parents, school, religion, trauma etc. They look different for everyone based on their life experiences.”

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She says now she isn’t nervous about going braless in public and doesn't care what people may think. 

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