I have a mom bod – Karens say I shouldn't show my belly on TikTok, I'll do it more to get a rise out of them | The Sun

A MOTHER of four has clapped back at her critics who say she shouldn't show her belly.

The body-positive TikToker decided to bare it all while defying the haters.

Ashley Eve (@ashleytschidaa) filmed herself getting the message across in a video on TikTok.

"When someone says: 'You really shouldn't show your belly in your videos,'" read the text.

"So you make a video getting dressed and show off your belly," she added.

She shared her thoughts on the haters in the caption of the video.

"Oh Karen," she said, followed by hashtags: "#MomBod" and "#SelfLove."

The video drew in many viewers who shared their thoughts on the mom's take in the comments.

"Normalize loose skin and stretch marks," one wrote.

"She’s gorgeous and has given birth to four babies (one she was a surrogate for which is absolutely amazing). You go, girl," another added.

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"You’re so beautiful," a third commented.

"Got that same belly girl. It carried five to earth side, and five to heaven," yet another wrote.

"Oh hell no. Bye bye haters. We don’t want those vibes," another said.

"What’s wrong with your belly? I don’t get it?" one asked.

"Who knows. Everyone has something to say these days. I’m proud of all of those stretch marks," Ashley replied.

The video came as part of a trend promoting body positivity on social media.

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