My mother-in-law framed our wedding photos – I was outraged when I noticed how she'd Photoshopped them, it's disgusting | The Sun

A NEWLY married woman was horrified with her mother-in-law’s poor treatment of her own son.

After noticing that she had photoshopped their wedding photos, the couple cut ties with the mom and refused to let her be alone with their baby boy.

Furious with her situation and in need of some advice, a newlywed turned to Reddit.

“I have been with my husband for seven years,” she began in the post.

When they began dating, she learned about the insecurity he felt around the width of his nose.

“He never wanted surgery, but thinks his nose is ‘too big for his face.’”

Though the wife thought he was “gorgeous” and never understood why he felt so ashamed of his nose, after meeting his mother she understood.

“I don't hate her, but the woman complains about EVERYTHING.

“And she seems particularly interested in criticizing her sons.

“Barely anything about my husband or his older brother is good enough for her, and if it is, she is quick to imply they don't deserve it.”

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She said the boys give their mother a pass because the behavior began when her husband passed away eight years ago, but her words still affect them.

“She has, on more than one occasion, suggested he get a nose job. That tends to upset him, so I always try to shut that down as quickly as possible.”

The mother’s most recent offense, however, was one that the woman couldn’t ignore.

“We got married in early May. The photos were ready about two months later, and we created a shared album on Google Photos for our friends and family, including mother-in-law.”

After a recent outing with her mother-in-law, the woman went back to her place because things were going well.

“I quickly saw that she'd gotten some of our wedding pictures up on the wall. I instantly noticed something was wrong with them, but I couldn't pinpoint what it was yet.”

Her mother-in-law stepped in to fill in the blanks.

“[She] proudly announced that she'd gotten someone to ‘fix his nose.’

“In other words, she gave her son a Photoshop nose job. On his wedding pictures.”

The woman was shocked.

“I couldn't believe it. I never thought she'd stoop so low.

“It wasn't even a good nose job; it was so bad that my husband's face didn't look real. He looked like a Ken doll, and not in the hot Ryan Gosling way.”

Fuming, the woman made up an excuse and stormed out of her mother-in-law’s home, though the mother-in-law could tell the real reason and tried to defend herself.

“She tried to make the point that her son deserved to ‘look his best on his wedding day,’ and I should have convinced him to get the real nose job before our ceremony.”

While the mother-in-law kept texting her to apologize, the woman ignored her pleas.

“The more I think about it, the more disgusted I get. I could never imagine doing something like that to my child.”

She debated how she should tell her husband, asking users what they thought was the gentlest approach.

After multiple readers offered guidance, she followed up with a second post.

“I sat him down last Saturday and broke the news. I explained what the pictures were and mother-in-law’s excuses for them. I also showed him the texts she'd sent me since my visit.

“I made it very clear that not only did mother-in-law’s actions completely disgust me, but I never agreed with her about his appearance. He's the most gorgeous man I've ever met, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with his nose.”

While he didn’t cry, she could tell that her husband was hurt by the revelation.

“The odd, but common combination of disappointment and acceptance. He knew his mother wouldn't change, but still had some hope.”

Still, something good came out of it.

“For the first time in a while, he seemed to believe me when I said his nose was normal. He told me that now that he knew just how ridiculous mother-in-law was willing to be, her opinion meant a lot less to him. So even though he's hurt, he feels stronger than ever.”

The two of them agreed to limit contact with her, refusing to let her be alone with their baby boy, until the holidays and then decide how to proceed.

After recounting to her brother-in-law what went down, he notified her that the photos were no longer up in the mother-in-law’s house.

Readers were appalled by the mother-in-law’s behavior and applauded the woman’s grace.

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“Clearly your mother-in-law hasn't heard the phrase, ‘a face only their mother could love.’ Because moms are supposed to think their darlings are magnificent just the way they are,” one quipped.

“You two make an awesome team. Stand strong and be proud of yourselves for everything you are doing to protect yourselves and baby,” added another.

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