STYLING a cute outfit when you have big boobs presents its own set of challenges .

A YouTuber who is all too familiar with those problems has shared 10 mistakes she thinks everyone with large breasts should avoid.

Fashion lover April Golightly posted a video giving busty women a run-down of fashion mistakes and tips.

Her first tip is to completely avoid padded bras and opt for thinner styles that aren't made with thick material.

April says: “When you have big boobs, bras with padding are just unnecessary!"

The second mistake she tells women to avoid is wearing turtleneck tops and dresses.

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“Turtlenecks are literally the bane of my existence. They kind of make my boobs look like a uni-boob."

She also warns busty women to avoid wearing crewneck tops and dresses.

“Putting so much [crewneck] coverage on your boobs actually makes them look bigger," she says.

The only way a crewneck top is acceptable is if you’re wearing a necklace with it, April advises.

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Wearing dresses and tops with big prints is another huge mistake, according to April.

“[Prints] make you look bigger and make your breasts look bigger. They are just no good. They just don’t work for big-breasted women."

Any article of clothing that’s double-breasted is also considered a no-go from April's perspective.

“Double-breasted blazers add a ton of bulk. They make you look bigger than you are," she explains.

April also rejects tops with spaghetti straps for big-breasted women.

She says the only way spaghetti straps are acceptable is if your hair is long enough to hide the straps, you’re wearing a cardigan, or you’re wearing a strapless bra.

April informs her followers that chunky knit tops and dresses aren’t great for women with big boobs either.

“[Chunky knit tops create] extra bulk, and that uni-boob situation going on again,” she says as she points to her chest area in the video.

If you have big boobs, April says you should probably think about losing your oversized T-shirts too.

“They are comfortable, but they really do nothing for your boob situation," she says.

April also refuses to give her stamp of approval to any top that comes with ruffles, which add bulk to your breasts, or statement necklaces, which do the same.

“They call too much attention to the breast area. I feel like a broken record here saying that they add bulk, but they do add bulk to your chest area."

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Finally, April concludes that bib tops not being the most suitable for bustier women.

“They call attention specifically to the boob area. [Bib tops] just are not that flattering," she says.

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