I live in a yurt year-round – it's more spacious and cheaper than a tiny house and way better than our trailer | The Sun

A CABIN builder has discovered that living under canvas is not so bad after all.

She has lived in her yurt all year round and found it is more spacious and cheaper than a tiny house and way better than a trailer.

It has become her home while she achieves her off-grid dream of creating a cabin in the Pacific North West (PNW).

But this is no ordinary canvas abode and Sara Kaufman-Bradstr (@onefoot.offthegrid) has grown to love its pros and cons.

Traditionally, a yurt was a portable, rounded tent, covered in felt and animal skins and used as a shelter by nomadic peoples of Inner Asia.

Sara's is made from a less pungent canvas and is permanently situated on her land.

Her TikTok is dedicated to documenting her dream of “building a cabin in the PNW," and it has sparked the imagination of thousands.

At the last count, she had over 192,000 followers and 1.3 million likes.

In her post, she listed what she liked and didn't like about living in a yurt.

“Best and worst parts to living in a yurt year-round," she said, standing in front of her yurt while beaming widely.

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There was a lot to be grateful for. The list included: “Spacious ‘tiny living.' Heats easily with a pellet (or wood stove).

“No moisture issues when heated with wood or pellets."

Finally, in their wildness, there was a lot to see and experience: “So close to nature," she said.

The least favorite parts of yurt living included excessive noise from the elements for several months of the year.

“The rain is so loud. It happens so many days from October to March. It becomes noise pollution after a while,” she explained.

There were a few more: “Windows stay closed all winter for insulation. Hard to cool in the summer. And it gets super dusty.”

But the good outweighed the bad as far as she was concerned.

“Honestly, I could add so much more to the pros list and don’t have many more cons. I really love our yurt.

“More spacious and cheaper than a tiny house and way better than our trailer," she wrote.

Commenters were intrigued and impressed, but one guy wanted to know about something in particular.

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“Any Bigfoot sightings on your property?” he asked.

But this fan considered it a wonderful experience for all: “This seems amazing bonding for a family.”

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