I lived in a tent in the woods while working as a travel nurse – that wasn't the plan but I managed to save for a house | The Sun

A TRAVEL nurse has gone to extreme lengths to save for a house.

She took the unusual step of living in a tent in the woods to give her the chance to stash some cash for her first home.

It hadn't been her original intention to live off-grid, but it was the only option for her.

But her plan worked out and she is now the proud owner of her first property.

"I got the home. It was worth the sacrifice," said the RN (@rn_atyourcervix).

In her post, she gave viewers a tour of her woodland backyard.

“That time I lived in the woods while working as a travel nurse," she wrote.

Home for her was a clearing in the middle of a forest.

Her tent was erected under a wooden shelter, offering it some protection from the elements.

It was an unconventional arrangement for a professional woman.

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“Worked five 12-hour night shifts per week just to save up for a home," she admitted.

She found ways to make her camping life more comfortable.

“I showered at work, or at the gym or the campground.”

One former nurse commented on her post: “The pay is still terrible for nurses these days, that’s why I quit.”

This TikToker understood her dilemma and it went some way to explain her route to home ownership.

“It truly is bad. I get why so many nurses have walked away. It’s hard to stash the cash."

"But," she said of her camping experience, "it was worth it."

Viewers of her post were impressed by the efforts she went to in order to save up.

“Wildest thing I’ve seen on here all week," said one person.

Another remarked: “Most nurses don’t live glamorous lives.”

A third was super-impressed: “Whoa, you are incredible for doing it. What a strong person.”

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“I hope you get the home. You deserve it more than anyone. I’m sorry our country is like this,” commiserated a fourth person.

While a fifth person commended her: “I think it’s smart."

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