Cleaning fans flock to B&M for a Fabulosa gem that smells amazing while getting rid of limescale in your loo | The Sun

CLEANING fans are heading to B&M in their thousands after a Fabulosa gem started causing waves online.

The Foaming Toilet Powder isn't new to the market, but it seems that people are only just discovering how good it actually is.

One woman took to her The Anxious Cleaner TikTok page to gush about the product, which she'd snapped up in Cotton Fresh.

"Right, sorry am I late to the party or something with this?" she said.

"I found it in B&M yesterday and oh my God, I'm obsessed!

"You put two caps, so I just filled one up, pop it in your toilet and look at that fizz!"

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As an added bonus, the smell is "amazing", she said.

"Why have I only just seen this ???!!" she added in the video caption.

And people in the comments section were quick to admit they were also impressed by the product, which is just £1.89 in B&M.

"This is my favourite!" one wrote.

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"Smells lush too! It’s the only thing that removes my limescale".

"I haven't seen this, looks brill need to check it out," another added.

To which the woman replied: "I've only just found it myself , definitely need to try it".

"If you put some warm/hot water in the toilet first, you get a better foam," a third wrote.

"I’ve got this. I love it," someone else commented.

With the woman admitting: "I've just come back from buying more!"

"No way, I need this it's the same scent of my Polish and Air freshener," another commented.

"It’s amazing love it," someone else wrote.

As another added: "It's really nice just too tempting to chuck loads in!"

Others shared their own suggestions for toilet products, with one suggesting the bath bomb type ones you can just pop in.

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While someone else said: "I brought one from Poundland made by elbow grease.

"It’s amazing!"

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