I lost 50 lbs – I dropped 10 lbs in 5 days from a change my doctor said wouldn't help, and only worked out 3 days a week | The Sun

A GLAMOROUS woman who shed over 50 pounds has revealed how she achieved her impressive weight loss in less than a year.

Gen Coco (@gensgym) explained that she shed 10 pounds in just five days after making a decision that her doctor didn’t think would make a difference to her goal.

She has garnered over 358,000 followers on TikTok where she banishes myths surrounding diet culture. 

She took to the social media platform to share side-by-side photos of her body before and after her weight loss. 

Gen Coco, who is 5ft 11 inches, tipped scales at 205 pounds at her heaviest but now weighs around 155 pounds. 

She said: “I struggled with my weight for seven years before I finally found something that worked for me.

“And then for the time I actually started implementing the things I’m gonna teach you about, I lost 50 pounds in just under a year.

“Over the last few years, I’ve focused on building healthy lean muscle and tone like you see in that photo on the right.”

She donned a red bikini to flaunt her new slender physique which had well-defined abs and shoulders.

She continued: “The first thing that I focused on was cleaning up my nutrition.

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“I realized one of my biggest issues was that I always felt like I was on a diet but in reality, I was just eating healthy three or four days a week.

“And then going off the rails on the weekends.

“And because I was so restrictive the first four days of the week I would go so far overboard those next three days.

“I would end up canceling out any deficit I had created.

“So I started tracking my food seven days a week being way more consistent, meal prepping weekdays and weekends.

“And cutting out all processed foods and restaurant dining.

“I also began to minimize drinking but didn’t cut it out completely because your girl was 21.”

Gen Coco said her body was initially very resistant to weight loss and she decided to go off her birth control to see if it would make a difference.

She said: “I had the non-hormonal copper IUD and my doctor told me there was no way that was affecting my weight loss.

“I said I don’t care take it out and I lost 10 pounds in five days.

“Obviously that’s not going to be the case for everyone and please don’t make any medical decisions based on my experience but that was an important part of my journey.”

She revealed having a dedicated workout routine was equally as important for achieving her weight loss goal.

She said: “I am not the girlie who is gonna go for a five-mile run every single day.

“I’m not even the girlie who gets 10,000 steps in a day nor am I the person who has a schedule that would realistically allow me to go to the gym five or six days a week.

“So instead at the beginning of my journey, I started out with three 28-minute long home workouts with a set of five-pound dumbbells and a yoga mat. 

“I have since expanded into more traditional weight lifting with progressive overload.

“I still don’t have the time or desire to go to the gym five or six days a week so I still only work out three times a week but now they’re closer to an hour long.

“I also go for walks every single day.

“Just 30 to 60 minutes a day and you’re golden, even if it’s broken down into three 20-minute walks.

“Lastly I really prioritize my sleep and stress levels. I have a consistent bedtime and wake-up time.”

Gen Coco said going to therapy, reading books, and journaling improved her mindset.

She explained that being happy is just as important as working out and eating healthy because weight loss alone isn’t enough to bring joy.

The post racked up thousands of likes and comments from people sharing their opinions on the advice she shared.

One person wrote: “My weight loss is much better after going off birth control along with my mood.”

Another commented: “I totally agree about the birth control. Once I got off it was easier to lose weight.”



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A third said: “I have a copper IUD and I do feel since I put it in a year ago I can’t seem to lose weight.”

Another added: “You look amazing and I appreciate the tips but if I cut restaurant dining and alcohol I would be antisocial.”

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