I panicked when I got a call from my kid’s school but it was my CAT causing trouble, I had to go and pick him up | The Sun

A MUM told how she feared the worst when she noticed she had a missed call from her kids’ school.

But when Elaine Lawson rang back she discovered it was her pet cat that was causing chaos and not the youngsters.

Staff wanted her to come and collect Pablo the white moggy because he’d invaded the playground.

Elaine, 29, said: “He is a nightmare.

“It’s one thing being called from school to pick up my kids but another thing having to go and get the cat.”

Elaine from Pennyburn, Ayrshire, has four kids – Jaxson, nine, Peyton, eight, Meegan, seven and youngest Charli.

All of them go to school and nursery that’s located in the same building, the local primary.

She loves that drop-offs are so easy but it also means her anxiety goes through the roof when the switchboard number shows up on her mobile.

Elaine said:  “I had a missed call from the school. There was a slight  panic because I was thinking something was up with one of the kids.

“But when I called back they were like: ‘oh Elaine we’re actually calling you about the cat. We need you to come and pick him up. He’s in the playground and just won’t leave.”

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Tearaway Pablo turned one in July and has been with Elaine and her family since he was about two months old.

He’s always been a troublemaker and is well known in the area because he regularly gets into scrapes.

His big brother Floyd walks with Elaine and the kids to school and waits nearby for her to come back after drop-off.

But Pablo was desperate to get in on the action and feels that he should be allowed into the school so jumps right into the playground.

Elaine said: “Pablo is absolutely mental to be honest. We’ve had some adventures with him already in his wee short life.

“He wanted to copy Floyd coming to school but he just overstays his welcome. He doesn’t do boundaries.

“The school said he was disrupting everyone in the playground so I had to walk round and get him.”

Elaine recorded a hilarious video of her journey to the school to collect the rogue moggy.

It shows her arriving at the front reception and being led out to the playground, where she tracks him down.

As she walks out of the school with him in her arms, she says: “Grounded.”

Elaine is now trying to work out ways to keep the beloved pet under control.

She said:  “I couldn’t honestly imagine our life without him.



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“There’s no really much I can do to stop him from visiting the school. He walks the kids round and just thinks he should be there with them.

“Most people here know him. He’s just such a funny friendly wee cat. It’s hard not to love him.”

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