I love filler and I’ve had 8ml injected into my lips – people think it looks stupid but I don’t care | The Sun

WITH many celebrities now showing off their plump pouts, it seems as though more and more women are opting for lip fillers to get their ‘Insta worthy’ smile.

One woman, Eline Crietee, revealed that she loves lip filler so much that she has had 8ml of filler injected into her lips.

The Dutch blonde beauty, who has amassed 9,308 followers and 166.4k likes on TikTok, took to the video sharing platform to share her lip filler journey.

While Eline is happy with her plump lips, not everyone else is on the same page, with many saying that she has had too much injected.

The young woman said: “Watch my lip filler journey.


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In the video, Eline shares a picture after each round of filler.

Each time Eline visited the beauty salon, she had 1ml of filler put into her lips and she has had 8ml of filler injected into her lips in total.

Of course, as the filler increases, so does the side of Eline’s lips and by the time Eline has had 7ml of filler put into her lips, they appear very swollen and bruised.

But once Eline reaches 8ml of filler in her pout, she looks shocked and covers her mouth in disbelief at the size of her lips.

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She shows off her smile and is sent into hysterics at her overly plumped lips.

However, Eline confirmed that she was “really happy with it” and loved her plump pout.

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Her video has clearly shocked many, as in just one day of being live on TikTok, it has quickly racked up 97.4k views.

It has 4,262 likes, 108 comments and 141 shares.

Social media users took to the comments to share their thoughts on Eline’s filler journey.

Many thought that she had had too much filler injected and suggested she would regret her decision and should stop. 

One person said: “So until 4 everything was good, then it was just too much”. 

Another added: “Sin girl. Never start”. 

A third commented: “Jeesus how bad”.

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Someone else noted: “Really a shame”.

Whilst another posted: “Later you will laugh so hard”.

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