I love my big boobs and don’t bother wearing a bra – but they make finding stylish clothes so hard | The Sun

FINDING stylish clothes can be hard enough as it is.

But one fashion fan recently confessed that it's a total nightmare for her, and it's all because of her boobs.

TikTok user Casee Brim has made a name for herself on social media thanks to her brutal honesty about living with bigger than average boobs and her helpful fashion hauls.

But in a recent video, the style fan admitted that even she struggles to find clothes to work for her larger chest.

For the most part, Casee avoids wearing a bra, which can make the problem of finding clothes even harder.

In the clip, she dons a slinky green dress and lifts her chest to try make the outfit fit.


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She captioned the video: "Thinking about how easy it would be to dress cute if I didn't have giant heavy melons to wrangle every f***ing day."

But despite her bust making finding cute outfits a chore, the fashion fan still loves her look.

She describes herself as hot, hilarious and humble and says she is “here to help you dress and love yourself."

The fashion fan previously explained that part of the problem with her figure is that if she covers up she can end up looking "frumpy."

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She said: "Am I showing off my boobs, or do I just have boobs and exist?” 

Viewers were quick to comment on the video, letting Casee know they know her struggle.

One said: "Yep! I was wearing the same shirt and my best friend, someone told me that I'm dressed very provocative."

A second agreed: "Story of my life. Makes shopping for formal occasions so stressful."

"All the outfits I want to wear but can't," someone else wrote.

And another said: "Why am I seeing this after having an entire meltdown about trying on a dress that fits my body perfectly except over my boobs."

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