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A MONEY-SAVVY mum saved a whopping £2,500 by only buying TWO new things for her baby and she has revealed how.

Minke Van Til welcomed her son 17 months ago and has managed to buy around 90 per cent of his baby items second hand – including nappies.

She revealed that baby Louis' mattress, cot, toys and clothes were sourced for free – which saved at least £400.

Minke used an app called YoungPlanet- which gives parents the platform to give and get pre-owned toys and children's necessities for free.

The 31-year-old co-director at a charity, from Tunbridge, Kent, said: "I found out about the app [YoungPlanet] through a mum at playgroup when I told her I was looking for a snowsuit for Louis.

"She showed me the app and sure enough I found someone who lived nearby who had one perfect for Louis.

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"I've got so many good branded baby clothes for free and I then pass them on.

"We've probably gone through about £1k worth of toys and got them all for free."

She also finds great deals at charity shops, on Ebay, Gumtree, Vinted and Facebook Market Place for second hand baby items.

Facebook Market Place provided the resourceful mum with a complete Play Kitchen set for just £10.

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The only brand-new items Minke and husband Harry forked out for were a car seat and a pack of vests.

They were advised to buy a £100 car seat new due to safety concerns and needed specific sized vests that they couldn't find for free or second hand.

Minke has always made it a habit of hers to shop environmentally – and also buys her own clothes and furniture second hand when possible.

"It's a general lifestyle for me," she continued.

"I have saved thousands by buying second hand or getting it for free from other parents.

"You don't need all this stuff unless you have a baby and everything has a short shelf life in a babies world.

"I would walk to pick up items from other mums in my area which gave me something to do with my day on maternity leave too.

"I got loads of reusable nappies for free at an event where we swapped baby stuff.

"We just wash everything on a high temperature.

"Once it no longer fits Louis we pass it on too."

Minke started gathering her budget items while she was enjoying maternity leave and would sometimes walk miles to pick them up.

"I would say 90 per cent of Louis' items are second hand or free.

"I got his buggy for free and new they can be around £500."

By saving £2.5k in the last eight months on parenting items, Minke is able to put the money towards things they really need and family holidays such as a recent trip to Thailand.

"New things are a lot more money and a big plastic waste," she said.

"A baby can wear something for a month and then grow out of it."

This comes as millions of Brits will feel the pinch of the cost of living crisis this Christmas and many parents look to second hand items or DIY presents.

Mum-of-two Stacey Victoria, is a self-proclaimed “savvy saver” and in a bid to spread the “true” meaning of the festive season, she ensures to include at least one handmade gift for each person.

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