A TIKTOKER has shared a rather embarrassing situation that occurred when she went to meet her husband in his car.

Sharing the story on her TikTok account, Mackenzie Lyn says she decided to surprise her husband by wearing sexy lingerie to meet him at his car as he arrived home.

“Alright I’m going to go and get changed, he’s going to be here in a couple of minutes and hopefully he likes it,” says Mackenzie.

As his car pulls up, she’s ready to quickly run over saying: “I have to make sure my neighbours aren’t out, I’m scared.”

When she greets her husband, rather than seeming excited he insteads looks as if been hit by a tonne of bricks.

It quickly becomes clear why, when from the back seat his grandma says “hi sweetie.”

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Yes, Mackenzie had ended up wearing her sexy lingerie in front of her husband’s grandma.

Although perhaps it’s not all terrible as the grandma does say “don’t you look cute?”

Mackenzie’s husband then adds that his grandma wanted to check out the new car the couple had purchased.

Mackenzie meanwhile, seems to have become rather shell-shocked and somewhat unsure on how to proceed now.

Commenters were in stitches at Mackenzie’s unfortunate situation, with one writing: “WHEN I TELL U MY HAND FLEW TO MY MOUTH!”

“Grandma was thinking about great grandkids,” wrote another.


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While a third added: “His reaction looked like he was going to cry.”

Others however were suspicious of the video saying that it was probably staged.

“How do people genuinely believe this is real?” Wrote one such viewer.

Another added: “Would be funny if this was real.”

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Although one suspicious viewer did say that while they think the video is staged, it’s still one of the better staged videos they’d seen.

One viewer also suggested that while the situation may have been somewhat true and the husband really did have someone else in the car for this awkward situation, it may have been a friend pretending to be grandma to make it even funnier.

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