I thought I popped a spot after having Botox but I was wrong – it’s the most expensive mistake of my life | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared how she made a huge “mistake” when she popped what she thought was a spot after having Botox.

However, she claimed the “spot” was actually something else and that the Botox had “leaked over her face” leaving her with a surprised appearance at all times. 

The beauty fan said it had left her looking “botched”, as she asked others for advice on how to fix it. 

Taking to her TikTok profile to ask for guidance, @Undecided_and_unguided posted a video of her face and explained what had happened. 

As she covered the skin on her forehead with her hand, she explained: “I have made the most expensive mistake ever.

“Because I popped a pimple that was not a pimple after my Botox appointment.”

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She then claimed: “And I think the Botox leaked out of my face and now… look.”

@Undecided_and_unguided then took her hand away from her face to show that her eyebrows had arched dramatically upwards.

She continued to point to one side of her face where she said the “pimple” had been located. 

The American woman then repeated: “It is the most expensive mistake I’ve ever made!” 

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However, the social media user’s 4000 plus followers soon came to her rescue, as they told her that it could be sorted.

One suggested: “This is common after Botox called ‘spocking’, your injector will fix it for free.”

A second echoed their thoughts, as they told her to head back for a follow-up appointment. 

Another person wrote: “Girl, call your injector!! They’ll gladly fix it for free.”

While a third person said: “No that’s fine, you just need a little more in that area.”

Others revealed they’d been in a similar position in the past when they’d had similar anti-wrinkle injections. 

One recalled: “Nooooo that happened to me before. 

“You just need a touch up. I don’t think it can “leak outta your face!!”

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A second said: “I think you didn’t do anything wrong.

“Had this more than once – you just need a touch up.” 

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