I was outfit-shamed after wearing a cut-out PrettyLittleThing catsuit to the gym – I just wanted to look hot | The Sun

A FASHION fan has sparked controversy online after sharing her recent gym outfit. 

Aidette Cancino said: “I know I love a little bit of controversy, so I'm gonna be wearing this bright red one piece to the gym.”

She said: "Comes with little sleeves from PrettyLittleThing. We're gonna try it on. Let's get ready to just be hot for the gym. Why not?"

Aidette decided that she wanted to wear something different to the gym, something she felt she looked nice in. 

The fashion fan said: “How about let's stop the stigma of people thinking that girls only wear hot outfits at the gym for other people?”

She said: “You can't tell me you don't have days where you just want to feel hot. Hence the red. Let's do it, baby. Who cares?”

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Before trying on her outfits Aidette cleaned her face and tied back her hair. 

She said: “I like to keep my face clean whenever I go to the gym? But if you want to wear makeup, you go ahead. I'm rooting for you.”

Aidette says she planned to style the red jumpsuit with white trainers and high socks.

She said: “I'm gonna put on miss PrettyLittleThing on. Also gonna be adding high socks and these sneakers from Pretty Little Thing to.

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After trying on the jumpsuit Aidette said she was speechless.

She said: “All Right. I'm gonna need all the applause that I can get right now. My vocabulary has vanished. She's nowhere to be found. We did not come to play, girl.”

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She continued: “Thigh cut outs are crazy. They give you the illusion of looking even more hourglass. The sleeves are really doing it for me. Everything is giving, guys. Everything is giving.”

The bright red rib knit halterneck cut out jumpsuit and sleeves costs £20 online, although PrettyLittleThing recommend pair it with match hue stiletto heals. 

Aidette encouraged others to get dressed up and go to the gym.

She said: “This is your sign to get up and go to the gym. Look hot for yourself. Get that cardio in, get that weight lifting in.”

Aidette's video gained over 620,000 views but some viewers were not impressed with her choice of outfit. 

One user said: “The club fit for the gym.”

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Another said: “You better not.”

A third viewer said: “She's not for real is she?”

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