I went out clubbing and was branded a 'granny' – I'm mortified, I'm only 36 | The Sun

A MUM went out clubbing and was horrified when someone branded her a granny as she lived her best life.

Kirsty Dale is only 36 and went to the Terminal V dance event in Edinburgh as an evil angel.

She feared she would be the oldest person there but was horrified when she woke up to find a clip of her dancing had gone viral.

A younger raver posted a video of her online and said: “Someone come and get their gran.”

He poured on the cheek and added: “Whose granny went to Terminal V?”

Kirsty, from Prestonpans, East Lothian, couldn’t believe it when she saw the clip.

She said: “I was Judased. I’m only 36. F**k me.

“I was so embarrassed at first. I was like ‘nooo waayy’. What a beamer I got.

“But once that wore off I thought it was funny and was absolutely decked. I thought it was funny.

“You only live once.

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“I think the guy only posted it to have a bit of a laugh to be honest.”

Kirsty admitted that it was mainly a younger crowd at the massive event in the capital.

But there were attendees on the dance floor who’d clocked up more birthdays than her.

She said: “I’m young at heart and I was just bouncing about with everyone else, loving the moment.

“I was speaking to folk older than me. I was just unfortunately caught loving life.”

Despite being age shamed Kirsty reckons the older ravers could teach the youngsters a thing or two.

She said: “These massive commercialised raves are about who’s attending rather than the music.

“The young folk are there because they like the trend or one or two tracks. They’re not there for the vibe.”

And despite being labelled a granny Kirsty has no plans to quit clubbing and having fun with pals.

She joked: “I’ll be looking for free OAP tickets for the next event.”

The vast majority of people who saw the viral video sympathised with Kirsty and slated the creator.

One poster said: “I’m sorry, are we not allowed to go to concerts after 30?

“And who records someone who’s not harming anyone and makes fun of them?

Another added: “Have you ever seen an old person before.”

The guy who posted the clip eventually pleaded to be left in peace.

He said: “Chill out. Just a laugh. Not that deep.

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