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A SAVVY shopper has revealed she went to a charity shop at her local dump and was left very impressed with the cheap finds. 

Bargain hunter Becky, known on social media as ‘Becky’s Bazaar’, spends a lot of her time routing through charity shop rails and car boot sales, on the hunt to find discounted second-hand buys.

She recently took to TikTok to show off the brilliant bits she found in an AGE UK re-use shop in Warwickshire. 

Becky regularly takes to the video sharing platform to share ‘your daily dose of thrifting’ and her recent charity shop clip has left many very impressed. 

She shared her video with the caption 'can't believe this was all going in the bin’ as she shared her favourite items from the cheap shop. 

She said: “My local tip has a little shop next to it where it sells a bunch of stuff that was destined to be thrown away.

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“Me and my mum took a little trip and it was actually so cool.”

Showing off the brilliant finds, Becky spotted tonnes of gym equipment, as well as garden pots and even ski boots.

She then shared a vintage Esso ornament, as she explained: “I absolutely love the Esso guy, had to pick him up.”

She also nabbed a pair of traditional pink weighing scales, as she noted: “And the pink scales are really cute.”

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Becky also spotted piles of silver cutlery, as she continued: “I also found myself some silver cutlery for a project I'm working on which I'll show you soon.”

Not only this, but there was a huge variety of chairs, pictures, lamps and mirrors too.

Becky said: “They had loads of décor pieces, so I'm definitely gonna come back when I get a house.

“I love this lamp.”

As well as this, Becky even spotted an impressive selection of jewellery, as she confirmed: “And they had jewellery.”

Becky posted her clip just 23 hours ago, but it has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed 77.2k views.

It has 2,964 likes, 44 comments and 29 shares.

Social media users enjoyed Becky’s clip and were left stunned at the brilliant second-hand items. 

One person said: “Mental what people throw out. What are the prices like?” to which Becky replied “Ikr!! Similar to cheap charity shops, if something isn’t priced they just make it up and it’s literal pennies.”

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Another added: “I go here all the time. It’s great.” 

A third commented: “What a good idea this is, all tips should be doing this, helps people and saves going to landfill.”

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